The following Procedure must be followed when working with Asbestos Related Products.
    • The client/owner of the premises must appoint an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) to identify all Asbestos Related Material on site.
    • The Approved Inspection Authority to compile an Asbestos workplan and submit it to Department of Labour that will also be considered as the Notification and Approval.
    • Only Asbestos Registered Contractors must work or remove Asbestos Related Products.
    • The Approved Inspection Authority must also do Asbestos Monitoring during Asbestos work and the AIA must issue two: (1) for the Meeting (2) Asbestos Clearance Certificate at the end of the project.
    • All Asbestos Related Products need to be disposed at an approved dumping site and the safe disposal certificate to be kept on site or with the Asbestos Registered Contractor.

    Frontline can apply on behalf of contractors to obtain the Asbestos Registration with Department of Labour.

    See Certificate (example)

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    Duration of Application is +- 2 Months.