Legal Compliance Audits

    The Audit will be in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993, the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130, the Community Fire Safety By-Law 11527 and the National Building Regulation SANS:10400 and OHSAS 18001.

    The Audit Includes:

    • Physical verification of compliance.
    • Perusal of all documentation required by law.
    • Interviews with key staff members.
    • Preparation of documentation, including audit protocol and executive summary.

    The Audit Team

    All our Audit Team Members have more than 20 years’ experience in Fire Risk Assessment, Legal Compliance Audits at Corporate and Government Facilities.

    Health & Safety Legal Compliance Audit

    Section 8(1) of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), stipulates that the employer shall provide and maintain, as far as reasonable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the employees.

    By implication, management must devise a system to ensure that the workplace is free of anything that may cause injury, damage or disease. Where this is not possible, management must inform employees about the hazards or potential hazards they may encounter and what precautionary measures must be taken to protect themselves. Management is also required to enforce these precautionary measures in the interest of health and safety.

    It is noted, however, that management is not expected to take sole responsibility for health and safety. The Act is based on the principle that hazards at the workplace must be addressed through communication and cooperation between employers and their employees. Management and employees share the responsibility for proactively identifying hazards and developing control measures to make the workplace as safe and healthy as possible. In this way the employer and his employees are involved in a system whereby the Health & Safety Representative may inspect the workplace regularly and then report to the Health & Safety Committee, which in turn may make recommendations to the Employer.

    During recent audits it was noted that employers start with a SHE Management System, but failed to maintain it.

    Embarking on a SHE Legal Compliance Audit is an important proactive tool to maintaining a controlled environment. The SHE Audit must verify the current system used by the employer and review results from previous audits.

    The audit must be in line with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993, Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130, SANS 10400 Building Regulation and Community Fire Safety By-Law.

    Advantages of a Health & Safety Audit

    • Management will receive an executive summary.
    • Reduction in accidents and also creating a Health & Safety Culture.
    • Compliance to all relevant Health & Safety Legislation, especially Section 8: Duties of the Employer.
    • Audit team with more than 20 years’ experience in SHE Systems and Fire Assessments.