Frontline SHEQ has a competent event management team. The team consists of event planners, event safety officers and fire & evacuation marshals. The medical team consists of qualified paramedics and nursing practitioners and are registered with the relevant councils.

Frontline SHEQ will ensure that your event complies with the following legislation:

  • Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act. No. 2 of 2010.
  • SANS 10366 of 2012 (Health and Safety at Events).
  • Regulations governing health and medical services at mass gatherings and events in SA (Draft October 2010).
  • National Road Traffic Act regulation ambulances.

Our event safety service includes:

  • Initial meeting with client.
  • Conduct a medical & event risk assessment.
  • Prepare all documentation for the event permit application.
  • Provide medical team with an ambulance and equipment.
  • Provide event safety officer.
  • Provide fire & evacuation marshal.


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